About Us


Gary Barnes has been handling roofing, siding and gutter projects all over Northeast Ohio for almost 40 years. Not only to you get a free estimate, an experienced team and on-time projects, but you get someone you can trust!

All of our teams are Barnes Roofing employees and not subcontractors. Licensed, bonded and insured in over 40 municipalities, our expert teams are people you can trust because Gary has hand-picked your crew!

WE can help with any roof

Using only professional grade material and licensed and certified technicians, our goal is to exceed expectations – for every customer, on every job. Not all roofs need a full replacement and unless it’s needed we won’t sell you one.


We know your home is always going to be your largest purchase and the roof is the home's main protection. Trust Barnes Roofing's 41 years of experience with your investment.


Barnes Roofing offers repairs year round and complete replacements with state-of-the-art materials that protect your business. Whether you have a large warehouse or manufacturing facility, Barnes Roofing can help!


A new roof can mean better energy efficiency and lower costs. The newest materials also offer enhanced wind uplift resistance. Protect your business with a new roof.


Do you have a roof with unconventional material like slate or tile? Is your roof excessively steep or high? Not to worry, Barnes Roofing can fix or replace any roof at an affordable cost! Give us a call today.

OtheR Services

Lower your heating costs and improve the look of your home! 

In addition to all of our other great services, Barnes Roofing offers energy efficient windows and doors that will beautify your home. Whether you just need to replace your old windows or you want to add a beautiful new bay or bowed window, we have the skill and experience you want. Your old windows may be more than just ugly and broken, they may be costing you hundreds of dollars every year in heating and cooling costs. New quality craftsmanship means you’ll reduce your costs and your stress level. You may even enjoy sitting and just looking out the window again like you used to do when you were little. New windows and doors can be installed year-round so don’t wait, call today and let our experts help you pick the look and style that fits your home.

Siding your house doesn’t have to cost and arm and a leg and take forever! 

New siding and gutters can completely transform the look of your house in just days. With years of siding and gutter installation and repair experience, Barnes Roofing is the name Northeast Ohio trusts to beautify their homes and you can too! Our expert installs are full-time employees of Barnes Roofing not sub contractors so you know the job will be done right because we stake our name on every product we install. New gutters will also help protect your home from water damage and provide dryer areas around your home. Spend more time with family in the yard and less time cleaning up after a storm, give Barnes Roofing a call today.

It’s time to fix that old brick chimney and bring the beauty back!

Barnes Roofing offers brick chimney inspection and repair. You may have been putting off the work you know needs to be done but you shouldn’t wait any longer. Improve the aesthics and safety with a chimney repair from Barnes Roofing. Our expert masons can restore the brickwork or replace it completely and give you the look you’ve been wanting for so long. Years of weather can damage the chimney and weaken the mortar joints causing more water damage, leaks in your home and even a dangerous condition with the bricks and mortar. If you’re not sure about the state of your chimney because you have been ignoring it for years, let us inspect it for you before you start using it again for the year. Barnes roofing has the experts that can diagnose problems and fix your ailing chimney. Don’t wait, get it fixed today and start enjoying your fireplace.

Barnes Roofing can give you a wonderful source of natural light for any room.

Whether you just want to add a single Skylight or a complete set, you’ll get great service from skilled professionals who have been installing water-tight skylights for years. Choose from a wide variety of styles that fit your home and even add value. With or without a new roof, you’ll enjoy wonderful light in the rooms you want. Getting ready to sell your home? Skylights not only brighten dark rooms but add tremendous value and grab the attention of buyers.

Trust your roofing and skylights to the roofing professionals!

Did you know?

complicated roofing job

The new roofing technology provides an energy-efficient roof and is more environmentally friendly. They offer significant tax rebates and utility discounts and, in many cases, pay for themselves. Call Barnes Roofing and ask how a new roof can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars!

roof damage

You may have hail or wind damage and not even know it! It’s often hard to find hail damage unless you specifically inspect for it. Even the lightest damage can lead to leaks and costly repairs. Let us inspect your roof and help you determine what state it is in.

ice dam on a roof

Ice dams form on many roofs that are not properly installed or insulated. Besides causing leaks around the gutters and roof line during melting, they can cause permanent damage to your roof and significant repair bills. Ask us how to prevent formation of these and other dangerous problems.